Mental and Physical Bullying

of Arrogant Zen Masters

Zen literature defines Koans as

"... a dialogue between a master and monks, or a statement or question put forward by teacher ...for opening one's mind to the truth of Zen" (p.72,  An Introduction to Zen)

Koans describe events and Q/A between masters and followers.  Such events or Q/A - could have taken place in the reality of past history - or they were scenarios for teachings to inspire to Zen way of thinking.  

In any case, the essence of koans reveals the mind of Zen.  

The fact that koans have been circulated, admired and commented upon generation after another - indicates that the content of such koans are agreed upon, acceptable and even  admired - by Zen practitioners.  Zen practitioners have no choice but accept the system of guidance of their master who direct the progress of their practice.  This strict hierarchy gives no opportunity for a Zen practitioner to express any critical thinking.  

The system of authority in both Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen disables questioning.  In essence, Zen practitioners become subconsciously submissive to the thinking and behaviour of previous masters.

Some koans reveal astonishing level of immaturity and also juvenile behaviour, hypocrisy, rudeness, disrespect to people, including using violence:

         Carrying the Woman

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        Dog's Buddhanature

                      Zen as a Fraud